If you’re considering a little home remodeling in terms of electrical work, connect with Klostermann Electric, serving Greater Boston and the Merrimack Valley in Massachusetts. We provide many different residential electrical services that can upgrade the amps, volts, and watts in your home to something far superior to what you currently have.

Why should you trust the experts for your electrical work? Here are some very valid reasons why:

Improper Installation With Wet Ground

A very big reason for hiring a pro to do electrical work in the spring is the moist ground from rains and melting snow. As you have probably learned since grade school, water and electricity should NEVER mix. Installing outlets outside or upgrading electricity in your detached garage or shed while the ground is still wet is very hazardous. Professional electricians can do the work and will know how to protect themselves and your family from these dangers.

Not Properly Grounded Wiring

In almost every situation, wiring has to be grounded. This means that the wiring will be prevented from giving off electrical sparks and shocks because the wiring is connected in such a way to send pulses away from you and into the ground. A low-resistance wire is installed with the rest of the wiring to ensure your safety. Only a licensed electrician knows how to do this, and a layperson should not attempt it.

Additionally, ungrounded wiring can lead to electrical fires. One spark inside a wall from an ungrounded wire or circuit could lead to disaster. Sleep well knowing your home is safe by hiring a pro.

Tripped Breakers

Another hazard of DIY electrical work is that you could end up frequently tripping breakers. Short circuits lead to power outages, elevated power surges, and even fires. If you have a breaker that keeps tripping, it’s usually a sign that someone did a bad job with the electrical work. This problem will continue until a professional electrician fixes it and brings the breaker box up to current state code.

A breaker may also trip because your breaker box doesn’t have enough voltage to handle everything you have plugged into your outlets or wired into the electrical system. A subpanel or overhaul of the breaker box can fix this, but only the pros are properly trained and certified to ensure this is completed correctly.

Lastly, water can cause tripped breakers. If the breaker box is exposed to enough moisture, the affected breakers will trip to avoid sparking and arcing. The electrician can locate the source of moisture and prevent it from tripping breakers in the future.

Make Electrical Work Part of Your Spring Cleaning List

Spring is a good time to have electrical work performed. It’s not as busy and overbooked as summer. Call Klostermann Electric today for quick and professional work for all of your electrical projects!

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