Faulty electrical wiring is a major hazard. What makes them even more dangerous is that since they are mostly concealed behind the walls, it is almost impossible to detect any electrical problems until it is too late. However, knowing some telltale signs can help you identify wiring issues. Here are some of them to be on the lookout for:

Excessively Hot Outlets

Having mildly hot outlets or devices when charging or using any heavy device or appliance is not uncommon nowadays. However, if you feel the heat radiating from the outlets, or it feels pretty hot to the touch, you should call professional electricians to check the wiring and wattage.

You can face similar hazards from loose outlets. You should unplug any cords and avoid touching any switch near the outlet.


Flickering Lights

While at first you might wonder if your home is haunted when you see flickering lights, the more common explanation is that this is a sign of loose electrical wiring. If there is a fault with the circuit, then multiple lights connected to that circuit could start flickering.


Aluminum Wiring

If you live in an older home such as one that was originally built by your grandparents or parents, then chances are the building has aluminum wiring. While aluminum was once considered a viable replacement for copper for electrical conduction because of its low costs, it could be a hazard in older properties since it oxidizes far more quickly than copper. Exposed and degraded aluminum wiring is a major hazard that an electrician should take care of sooner rather than later.

Burning Smell

This is by far the commonest way to tell that something is wrong with your wiring. If nothing is burning in the stove or oven, then chances are that it is your wiring you are smelling burning, and you should immediately call an electrician. The burning means the wiring has become too hot and is melting the plastic sheath around it, which is a major fire hazard.


Grounding Issues

Improperly grounded electrical lines or gas lines are a major fire hazard. Moreover, improperly grounded lines can also make any metal nearby a potent conductor of electricity, and you are at risk of receiving electrical shocks. You may notice tingling sensations when you touch your lights, fans, or switches.


Rodent Nests

If you see rodent nests or droppings near your electrical wiring, then you should have it checked by a professional to make certain that the wiring is unaffected. Mice and similar critters tend to chew on wiring, which then exposes the wire and leads to electrical shocks. You may even find dead critters around the area, so have it checked as soon as you notice rodent activity.

At Klostermann Electric LLC, we provide all electrical support for residential and commercial buildings. Our licensed technicians will visit your property for a full inspection and whether you need new wiring installation or repair of your older systems, we are the ones for you. Call us today when you notice any discrepancy in your wiring, and our team will head immediately. Your safety is our utmost priority. We will upgrade your electrical systems so that you don’t have to worry about your wiring ever again.

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